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His research has also been concerned with aspects of stratigraphy and chronology, especially radiocarbon dating, during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition. (2012): Dating environmental change and constructing chronologies. He is particularly interested in short-term climate change, its impact on landscape, and its manifestation in proxy records. (2008): Synchronisation of palaeoenvironmental events in the North Atlantic region during the Last Termination: a revised protocol recommended by the INTIMATE group.

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2nd edition, Pearson International, London, 348 pp. Mc Grail), Council for British Archaeology Research Report 138. & Davies, S (2004): A coherent high precision chronology for the Lateglacial sequence at Sluggan Bog, Co. He continues to serve on the Editorial Board of Journal of Quaternary Science (John Wiley) and is a former member of the Editorial Board of Quaternary Science Reviews (Elsevier: 2000-2005). He was the European co-ordinator for the IGCP-253 Termination of the Pleistocene ‘North Atlantic Seaboard Program’ (1990-1994), and co-founder, in 1995 of INTIMATE (Integration of Ice core, Marine and Terrestrial Records), now a core program of the INQUA (International Union for Quaternary Research) Palaeoclimate Commission.

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